Camping or a Hotel?

When planning for a holiday, most facilities will typically look for a posh vacation destination and book a nice hotel. This can work perfectly for many but it can feel repetitive and boring after a while. Break the routine and do something different to bring back the excitement. Study alternatives that do not get as much attention but is getting good reviews. For instance, you may want to consider trading the luxuries of a hotel for the simplicity of a motorhome while camping. It is an unusual choice that can result in surprisingly memorable experiences. In this kind of setup, campers get the following benefits:


There is nothing wrong with staying in a luxurious hotel although this can be quite isolating. If you really want to experience the world, then go out there and explore. What better way to do that than in your own motorhome that provides everything you need to survive while traveling? This type of vehicle will allow you to go on long road trips to the farthest parts of the country while enjoying the comforts of home. Share the adventure with your loved ones. Find the best spots in national parks and camp out during weekends. Breathe fresh air and see the world from the different perspective.


Motorhomes offer unmatched convenience. You are basically traveling with a mobile kitchen which you can use to prepare hot meals wherever you go. Stock up on ingredients and you will never go hungry. A lot of motorhomes also have provisions for a small toilet so there is no need to stop at gas stations or other establishments along the way. If you ever encounter traffic congestion, you will not get as easily irritated. If you get tired driving, then just swap with someone else and rest at the back. There should be ample space to stretch your legs and sleep. 


Motorhomes provide their occupants with a higher level of privacy than the usual camping shelters. Even if the camp site is filled with other people, those inside should still be able to enjoy peace and quiet. This setup can be particularly attractive if there are children in the group. It is easier to keep an eye on them in a motorhome rather than a tent as they will probably run out of the latter. These are also more secure from intruders and thieves. Valuables can be left inside without any worries when it is time to hike or fish since the doors can be locked.


Using a motorhome makes travellers a lot more flexible with their time. With hotels and tour groups, the schedule is dictated with very little room for deviation. When you have your own vehicle, you can stop anywhere you want and go at any time you please. If you see a beautiful scenery, then park and take pictures. If you are in the mood for a restaurant meal, then find a good one along the way. If you are hungry, then whip up something in the mini-kitchen. Just make sure that the vehicle is in great shape before heading out for a stress-free experience. Have it checked and get worn out motorhome parts replaced right away.

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